Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contents of Ken Perszyk's Molinism: The Contemporary Debate

Estimated date of release; December 2011/January 2012, Oxford University Press
Table of Contents

Introduction , Ken Perszyk
1. The (Non-)Existence of Molinist Counterfactuals , William Hasker
2. Whence and Whither the Molinist Debate: A Reply to Hasker , Thomas P. Flint
3. Truth and Molinism , Trenton Merricks
4. Trenton Merricks on Some Anti-Molinist Arguments , William Hasker
5. Pro Haskeris Contradictio , Dean Zimmerman
6. Replies to Hasker and Zimmerman , Trenton Merricks
7. Molinist Conditionals , Edwin Mares and Ken Perszyk
8. Tilting at Molinism , Edward Wierenga
9. A Precis of 'Yet Another Anti-Molinist Argument' , Dean Zimmerman
10. Yet Another Failed Anti-Molinist Argument , William Lane Craig
11. An Anti-Molinist Replies , Dean Zimmerman
12. Molinism and Incarnation , Thomas P. Flint
13. Putting Molinism In Its Place , John Martin Fischer
14. Molinism and the Thin Red Line , Greg Restall
15. The Free Will Defense , Hugh J. McCann
16. Theological Determinism and Divine Providence , Derk Pereboom
17. An Open Theist Theodicy of Natural Evil , William Hasker
Bibliography: Recent Work on Molinism , Ken Perszyk